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Where to Legally Buy CBD Oil in Germany?

Where to Legally Buy CBD Oil in Germany?

For those looking to purchase CBD oil in Germany, the good news is it’s legal, with certain stipulations. German regulations are stringent, but consumers can confidently buy CBD products from various sources, including online stores like Dr. Hemp Me.

CBD, a compound found in the hemp plant, has gained significant traction in Germany for its wellness benefits. German regulations fall within the framework set by the European Union, allowing nations to make specific decisions about the sale and use of CBD.

In Germany, consumers can find CBD products in coffee shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, and dedicated online CBD stores. Among the online retailers, Dr. Hemp Me stands out, offering quick, tracked delivery to Germany for orders made before 2.30 pm on business days. Take a look below at their most popular CBD products:


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Where to Buy CBD Oil in Germany?

Want legal CBD Oil delivered to your door? We have our own German CBD E-Commerce store, Dr. Hemp Me, which provides quick and efficient delivery of quality CBD products. Using our courier partners all orders are shipped the same day, once ordered before 2.30 pm and a business day. Delivery to Germany takes up to 3 business days typically in total.

Cannabidiol made from hemp and other cannabis strains are completely vegan and have been declared safe for use in Germany under the Narcotics Law. As a result CBD oil is available in coffee shops, pharmacies and supermarkets across Germany as well as dedicated online CBD stores like our own.

Shopping online has increased dramatically over the last few years with consumers enjoying the benefits of choice, reviews and shopping discretion too. On dedicated CBD websites you can find expert knowledge from the team behind the virtual CBD store. Customer service is helpful and discretion is maintained this way.

Cannabis & CBD Regulations in Germany

Germany has a pioneering stance on cannabis, legalizing its sale and consumption in March 2017. Under the Narcotic Drugs Act, cannabis is classified in Appendix III – neither too safe nor too dangerous. Companies can cultivate and trade it, provided they adhere to regulations overseen by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). Those failing to meet EU cultivation standards risk prosecution.

Interestingly, Germany has also legalized medical cannabis containing up to 0.2% THC. On the hemp front, only fully processed cannabis products are available to consumers. Products like buds, dried flowers, and leaves are restricted to scientific or commercial use due to higher THC concentrations.

Travelling with CBD to Germany

While CBD is legal in Germany, travellers are advised not to fly into the country with it unless they are certain of the THC content in their supplement. Reputable brands will readily provide customers with laboratory test reports and up to date labelling on products which can be used as proof of ingredients while travelling between countries. 

The EU’s strict rules mean any CBD product with more than 0.2% THC is illegal. Violating this can result in product confiscation and potential legal consequence so better be prepared than sorry later. 

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is one of the by-products produced when the cannabis plant is processed. The CBD chemical compound is a low-psychoactive and non-toxic compound, which won’t generate the feeling of a ‘high’. This so called ‘high’ refers to the feeling people usually experience when consuming THC, a compound or cannabinoid that is also found in cannabis.

THC can be toxic in large amounts in comparison to CBD which is deemed a safe food supplement for both humans and animals. CBD oils and other CBD products are becoming a trendy food supplement in Germany when it comes to improving the health value of your food diet. Cannabis food supplements can be purchased in a variety of forms and act like any other daily vitamin or mineral supplement.

Nutrients present in CBD or hemp oils are many including Omega 3’s, B vitamins of a complex nature and even sources of iron.

The Laws regarding Cultivation & Processing of Cannabis

Germany was one of the first countries in the EU to legalise Cannabis. In March 2017, the Government gave the green signal for the legalisation of the sale and consumption of cannabis and its derivatives like CBD oil, flowers & cannabis extracts.

Cannabis under the Narcotics Drugs Act

Under the Narcotic Drugs Act, cannabis belongs to Appendix III of the Narcotic Drugs Act – drugs that are neither too safe nor too dangerous. This is why companies can grow and trade cannabis.

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) – a part of the Federal Ministry of Health – was set up after the legalisation of medical cannabis, to oversee the cultivation, processing and trade of medical cannabis and CBD products in Germany; both for the recreational and non-recreational use.

Cannabis Cultivation Permit

Initially, companies were allowed to apply for a special cultivation permit from the BfArM through a tender, where they need to prove their expertise and qualification in cannabis cultivation. If they didn’t possess enough experience, they could partner with established cannabis farmers from the EU and apply for the tender. However, this procedure became difficult to manage, and the BfArM amended application rules.

Now, any German company which has experience cultivating plants that require unique care and processing methods can apply for the cannabis cultivation permit. During processing, the cannabis plants and seeds are required to meet European Union cultivation standards. Failing which, they will be considered as full-blown narcotics under the law, and the cultivating companies will be prosecuted under the Narcotic Drugs Act.

However, cannabis which meets such requirements can be used to produce CBD products like oil, vapes and extracts. Read More: The legality of CBD oil in your country

The Legalisation of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

In addition to CBD, Germany is also one of the first countries in the European Union to have legalised medical cannabis that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is the THC compound that generates higher psychoactive effects in the user’s mind when cannabis is consumed. Doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis which contains 0.2% of THC or less.

Germany’s Stance on Hemp

The rules under the Narcotic Drugs Act also cover the legality of another cannabis variety – hemp. The law states that only completely processed cannabis products must be made available to the end consumer. Other unprocessed or semi-processed cannabis plant variants like buds, dried flowers and leaves can only be used for scientific research or commercial purposes and cannot be sold to customers.

This is because of the presence of higher concentrations of the psychoactive THC compound in unprocessed and semi-processed cannabis. The only exemption to this rule is hemp-derived products such as CBD oils, capsules and edibles.

CBD Oil’s Legal Status in Germany

Hemp, a variant of the cannabis plant, inherently contains minimal amounts of THC. When processed appropriately, any THC presence can be entirely eliminated, resulting in products that feature only pure CBD. This meticulous processing ensures product safety and efficacy. The vast majority of CBD products available in the market—ranging from topicals, e-liquids, oils, and edibles to wax and extracts—are derived from hemp.

In Germany, all hemp-derived CBD products, encompassing CBD oil, are entirely legal. Consumers can readily purchase them in various outlets, including local stores and pharmacies, without requiring a prescription. However, as regulations can evolve, it’s always a good practice for consumers and sellers to stay updated with Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices or BfArM guidelines on CBD products.

Read More: Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

Will Recreational Cannabis ever be allowed in Germany?

Germany recently decided to legalize recreational cannabis for adults, controlled through specific cannabis stores. The new law will be under scrutiny for the next four years, after which it could be reassessed. Proponents believe this could deter citizens from turning to the black market for harder drugs.

However, with political parties like the CDU and CSU opposing, the full implementation remains to be seen. It’s certainly true that the future of cannabis on a recreational level in Germany is yet to be fully realised but we do know that CBD products, those only that contain below 0.2% content can be purchased, sold and used as a food supplement legally today. 

To ensure accuracy, our articles have been thoroughly researched by a team of authors, editors, legal counsel, and medical professionals. The only references used are reliable ones.

The content is routinely assessed against recent scholarly research and professional recommendations to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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