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CBD edibles

Cannabidiol or CBD Gummies are an edible supplement made using the CBD compound. CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in hemp, they are also called cannabinoids.

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Showing all 2 results

What are CBD Gummies?

Our Gummies come in a variety of fruity flavors which eliminate the sometimes bitter, earthy flavor of hemp. If you are particularly sensitive to taste or just want to use an edible form of CBD then these are for you.

What do CBD Edibles do?

CBD edibles are sold as a food supplement in Ireland to be used as part of a balanced diet. People choose to supplement their diet with hemp-derived edibles like CBD Gummies for various reasons.

However as a brand we do not give advice regarding the use CBD. Brands are not permitted to promote or market their Cannabidiol products for health benefits or effects.

For more information, it is recommended to do some research of your own online, and visit our verified Trustpilot account for customer testimonials.

What are the Benefits of Edibles over Oils?

Edibles are quick and easy to use. Just pop one of our Gummies in your mouth, chew and swallow. That is how easy it is to supplement with CBD.

Some people find the taste of hemp, which is earthy and a bit bitter, too much for daily intake. That is why they choose edibles like a flavor filled gummy.

Also each one comes with a controlled amount or dose of CBD, just adjust this dose by taking 1 or 2 edibles to suit your body.

How many should I eat?

The guided dose for people supplementing with DHM CBD Gummies is 1-2 per day. Each gummy contains 15mg of Cannabidiol, of broad spectrum variety.

This means they are THC free but contain all other cannabinoids besides THC found in the hemp plant.

Where to buy Cannabidiol Gummies?

All the CBD products you need are for sale right here at Dr. Hemp Me Ireland’s e-commerce store.

Shop our range and have your order sent out Monday-Friday with our couriers once it is placed by 2pm. Delivery is usually next day, 1-2 days maximum in Ireland.

Can I buy from Dr. Hemp Me in person?

Dr. Hemp Me operates only online! We deliver 5 days per week and are open 24 hours via our e-commerce store for people to place an order. Shop any time of the day via our store.

Don’t worry, if you have any questions our customer service agents are available all day and into the evening. Simply click into our instant chat feature to chat to us!

Is CBD Safe to use daily?

Any CBD product, once derived from quality hemp ingredients, laboratory tested and certified organic is safe to take every day.

CBD comes from the hemp plant which is non-toxic and non-psychoactive. This is because hemp contains large amounts of the Cannabidiol cannabinoid and low levels of THC naturally.

How long do CBD Jellies take to work?

As with any food supplement, tolerance varies from person to person. There is no set time or definitive answer to this question as every person is different. CBD Jellies must first pass through the body’s digestive system before their cannabinoid content can be released.

How to take them

Take your gummy product every day, preferably in the morning or evening. Like any vitamins or mineral supplements, consistent use is key to building up a supply in the body over time.

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