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Dr. Hemp Me® began because of a need for a transparent, trustworthy CBD oil on the European market. Brian, the owner of Dr. Hemp Me, struggled to find good quality CBD oil back in the early days of the CBD industry and this drive to obtain quality CBD for himself inspired the formation of Dr. Hemp Me Ireland.

Brian even went as far as to independently test the oil he purchased and found it had minimal amounts of CBD compared to the amount advertised on the bottle.

Dr. Hemp Me was founded in 2018 in Ireland’s largest city of Dublin. From the very beginning trust was the key element and motto driving the company forward. Through the experience of growing Dr. Hemp Me, our formulation of the most natural CBD oil on the continent has been achieved.

But how do we prove this to our customers? Lab tests!

Customers need to be able to trust our CBD Oil and the only way we can prove this to them is through independent and traceable laboratory test reports. Therefore, every new batch of CBD is tested 3 ways for cannabinoids, metals, chemicals and pesticides.

We have a dedicated lab test page to educate our customers on how to read lab test reports (link). It is necessary to have a full understanding of lab testing on your search for good quality, trusted CBD oil.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the most transparent and trustworthy CBD brand in Europe.

As previously stated, Trust is at the core of our business. Trust is a part of every process and decision we make as a company. Trust & quality can never be compromised which is why our customers are guaranteed a consistent, quality CBD oil.

Extensive product testing including tests for cannabinoids, metal, pesticides & chemicals is something that is lacking in the CBD industry. Therefore, we promise to test every new batch and send an accompanying set of lab test reports with each new order.

We even have a QR code on each product label which customers can scan to view all three reports. No guessing or time-wasting is needed on your search for quality Cannabidiol as give you quick access to all necessary product information.


All lab testing can do is show what exactly is in a CBD oil, so our primary aim is to source the best quality hemp extract in Europe. All our hemp is sourced from organic farms in Poland, free from pesticides and metals. Again, we need only check the metals and pesticides reports to prove this to our customers.

Our CBD oil is then extracted and manufactured in HAACP & GMP approved laboratories. This ensures that our oil is produced in the cleanest and safest environment possible.

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We would like to see the entire CBD industry completely regulated by local government bodies and by the EU. This means that all our competitors would be forced to fully test their products at every level, not only for cannabinoids, but metals, pesticides, and chemicals also.

This regulatory process will ensure that all CBD on the European market is clean and safe for customers to take daily.

Dr. Hemp Me CBD Dublin

Address: 51 Bracken Road Sandyford Dublin 18 D18 CV48

Phone: (051) 354 849

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