Our brand started from a founder’s vision of forming the most trusted and transparent CBD company first in Ireland and now in all of Europe. Dr. Hemp Me began in Dublin, serving Irish customers a range of CBD products and grew by expanding into greater Europe with a perfected Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol formula.

Dr. Hemp Me’s founder Brian saw a gap in the CBD Market for an open and honest brand of Cannabidiol supplements. When starting out on his own journey using CBD, Brian found it difficult to tell what products were of a high quality and those that fell short.

His mission led him to put a CBD purchase through laboratory testing and prove that the amount of CBD stated on the label was not the same as what was in the oil formula. A quest to find quality CBD oil, inevitably led him to develop his own tried and trusted CBD formula.

Today, our founder has built his brand on the mantra of ‘setting the standard for trust’ in the CBD industry. Driving Dr. Hemp Me forward is our transparency in product testing and our goal to provide the leading CBD formulation in Europe.

Where’s the Proof?

The proof is in the lab reports! Each product page on our e-commerce store contains a link to our latest batch test reports for customers to review before, during or after purchase.

Our laboratory testing sets its own standard within the CBD market. We surpass the efforts of other brands by testing our CBD batches three ways. Not only do we test for cannabinoid content, but we also analyse our CBD for metals, chemicals and pesticides.

Customers place their trust in us when they purchase from Dr. Hemp Me, so it is only right that we make all relevant lab test results available to them. Testing is done independently by JHG Analysis. Visit our dedicated testing page to educate yourself on reading test reports on your search for quality Cannabidiol.


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Our Brand Mission

It is Dr. Hemp Me’s mission to become the most transparent and trustworthy CBD brand in Europe.

Trust is the centre of our brand. Every procedure and choice we make as a company is based on trust. Our consumers can always count on consistent, high-grade CBD oil since we value customer trust and product quality.

In the CBD sector, extensive product testing, including tests for cannabinoids, metals, pesticides, and toxins, is lacking. As a result, we guarantee that each new batch will be tested and that each new order will be supported by a set of lab report findings.

Customers can even scan a QR code on each product label to access all three reports. You won’t have to guess or waste time in your search for high-quality Cannabidiol because you’ll have instant access to all available product information.

Sourcing Our Product

Quality lab test reports are born from quality sourcing. That is why we only source our hemp from the best organic farms in Poland. Our sourcing process works to assure the customer of exactly what they are consuming.

All any customer must do is view our testing reports to confirm Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD standard. 

We guarantee customers a fully clean and safe source of hemp in every CBD product we offer.


Our Vision

It is our vision that the entire CBD market be regulated by local government and subject to EU standards of excellence.

All CBD companies would then be required to thoroughly test their products, not just for cannabinoids, but also for metals, pesticides, and chemicals.

A regulatory process like this would guarantee that all CBD, from every brand, is made in a safe and clean environment, complete with extensive product testing.

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Address: 8 Trinity Street, Dublin 2, D02 EY47

Phone: +353 83 094 0183

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