CBD Oil Wholesale & White Label in Ireland

CBD Oil Wholesale & White Label in Ireland

Dr. Hemp Me are delighted to be able to offer Wholesale and White Label options to online e-commerce stores and retail outlets. Now, you can rebrand our amazing White Label CBD products and sell them as your own, thus growing your own brand.


Are you interested in becoming a Stockist for Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil products?


Would you like to create your own brand of CBD products?


CBD Oil has seen a huge emergence this year in Ireland and all across Europe. This trend is surely expected to continue increasing dramatically over the next few years, so why not get acquainted with Dr. Hemp Me now and start purchasing from us to become an active part of the ever-increasing CBD market?

If you’re worried about the legality of our Hemp oil then fear not! Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD Oil is 100% legal to sell in Ireland and throughout Europe, therefore no matter where you’re located, you won’t find any hindrance while reproducing these products as your own.

Why Choose Dr. Hemp Me?

  • Organically grown hemp – Our hemp is 100% organic, you won’t have to stress over providing your customers with any artificial substances through these products.
  • No. 1 extraction method used (CO2) – We extract CBD and other phytochemicals through CO2 which works as an amazing solvent for plant extraction while being completely safe.
  • All products come with a certificate of analysis to prove quality – At Dr. Hemp Me, we believe that the best way to prove our amazing quality to potential customers is through proper certificates which are living proof of the fact that we can gain your trust.
  • All CBD Oils are full-spectrum and therefore benefit from the ‘Entourage Effect’ – We make sure to utilize full spectrum CBD for our products so that you receive all the benefits stored within the hemp plant.
  • Check our Trustpilot profile.

Perhaps you’re a little confused as to how the entire process of White Labelling works or maybe what benefits it entails then you’re at the right place. Following are a few simple points regarding why you should most definitely go for White Labelling!

What is, exactly, White Labelling?

It is basically the practice of re-branding the product from an original producer and selling it at your own rate. This is 100% legal, just by the way. Starting your own brand through White Labelling has a multitude of advantages as well!

Why should you consider White Labelling CBD Products?

More than half of the CBD brands in Europe are based on White Labelling. With the increasing market for CBD, it is quite a profitable business in the long run. Therefore, investing a little into this business now will surely profit you in the future.

You get to create your very own brand

The entire concept of white labelling gives you the chance to create your very own brand and market it according to your own set prices. White labelling allows you to focus more on the brand itself rather than the product, thus giving you the opportunity to grow and become an active part of this business. You can then focus on the prices, the packaging and all the secret tactics to getting bouts of customers!

Save yourself from the extra hassle

White Labelling gives you the chance of focusing more on marketing your brand rather than paying all your attention to surviving in the fast-paced CBD market. Through white labelling, you will be given the perfectly ready product, labelling options and the latest research to support the awesome products. Just name your price, promote your label and you’re good to go. No focusing on the background work!

No legality issues

The biggest concern regarding CBD, for a buyer, is whether it is extracted from the legally permissible plants of the cannabis family, and does it contain legal percentages of psychotropic compounds such as THC. Choosing our White Label CBD products will provide you with all the certification you need to carry on with just marketing the product instead of dealing with such headaches. We’ve done all the tough work for you!

Now that we’ve given you all the concrete benefits of White Labelling, why not go for it now? Contact us as soon as possible to start this amazing new journey with Dr. Hemp Me in the ever-growing and beneficial CBD market!


All the deliveries are shipped by DPD.

For enquiries please email [email protected]

Or, leave a message on our instant chat.


What is White Label?

It is the practice of re-branding the product from an original producer and selling it at your own rate. This is 100% legal, just by the way. Starting your own brand through White Labelling has a multitude of advantages as well! Please email [email protected] to obtain our White Label Price List.

Do you supply Wholesale on Dr. Hemp Me's brand?

Yes, we provide wholesale for our own CBD oil brand Dr. Hemp Me. Please enquire for a CBD price list by emailing [email protected]

What countries do you supply?

Unfortunately, we can only deal with countries who are inside the EU.

Why should I choose Dr. Hemp Me?

Organically grown hemp
CO2 extracted
Certificate of analysis to provided
All CBD Oils are full-spectrum

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