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Why not expand your knowledge of the CBD world by trying Dr. Hemp Me’s CBG Oil?

Very similar in effect, CBG oil could be the perfect choice to help you achieve optimal calmness throughout your day. To accomplish best results the oil can be taken first thing in the morning.

CBG is another cannabinoid, just like CBD found in the hemp plant (not marijuana). Both share similar attributes, but an important distinction is that CBG will directly interact with CB1 & CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain. For CBD, this interaction is more restricted.

One of the main difficulties currently hampering CBG research is the relatively low amounts of it available in hemp strains. Where one hemp strain might have a 20% CBD content, it’s CBG content might not surpass 1%.

Therefore 20 times as much material is needed to produce the same amount of CBG. However, many consumer accounts have so far proved encouraging, and anecdotal evidence points to it being particularly helpful for focus.

As time goes on and the CBD world expands, more research into the benefits of CBG will appear. Both are a great addition to any diet in their own right and it depends on the user which they prefer. You can also combine both CBD oil and CBG oil in your supplement routine. 

Dr. Hemp Me currently offers both 10% and 20% options, so whether you’re already familiar with the world of hemp plant cannabinoids and want to expand your knowledge, or just wish to see which works best for you, CBG could be the perfect option.

The human body contains the Endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS, which consists of cell receptors that control many functions like digestion, sleep, mood and stress responses.

While experts are still analysing the ECS to discover the range of its functions, they’re confident that its primary purpose is to keep the body stable and at a state of equilibrium.

Fortunately, all receptors in this part of our body can accept certain cannabinoids like CBG, allowing it to regulate certain parts of the body just like natural Endocannabinoids made within the body take effect.

Conversations often arise about which cannabinoids are better, and the two competing ones are CBG and CBD. Both compounds are more potent when paired together as they work in harmony and support the others’ work within the ECS.

The above process is referred to as the entourage effect and can be achieved by supplementing with full-spectrum Cannabis products. Our CBG Oil tinctures are made using a raw formula, no unnecessary additives and contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp.

Whether you choose CBG or CBD Oil as your hemp supplement comes down to personal preference. Some users prefer one of these ingredients over the other but either way you are getting a supplement made using the whole hemp plant!

Trace amounts of THC are present in all full-spectrum CBG products at less than 0.2% THC content. For more information or to ask any questions not yet answered head to our instant chat feature on our website! 

CBG, also known as ‘Cannabigerol’, is derived from the hemp plant like many other cannabinoids. When the subject of cannabinoids arises, most people are quick to remember CBD however, CBG is gradually becoming as relevant in this industry.

Note that CBG is not extracted as easily from the hemp plant as CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) occurs in much larger amounts while CBG is present in much smaller quantities the hemp plant. This meant that CBG was once much more work to extract and turn into oil.

Growers adapted their methods over time and began cultivating plants with higher concentrations of CBG to form a quality CBG product for daily supplement use. Now and for the past number of years CBG has seen a surge in interest from hemp oil users. 

CBG is easy to add to any balanced food diet. One dose is all you need on a daily basis to supplement with hemp cannabinoids and compounds like CBG. A tincture for those of you who don’t know, refers to a glass bottle with a dropper attached to the lid. 

Use tincture lid to draw oil into the dropper and drop the dose underneath the tongue. You can count the drops while looking in a mirror or drop onto a spoon and add to the gums under the tongue this way. 

Tinctures are the superior method of supplementation as they allow for maximum absorption of the oil and the hemp cannabinoids held within the formula. From the gums the cannabinoids enter the user’s system. Note, as CBG is a food supplement effects may vary from one person to another. 

If you are sensitive to the taste of hemp which can be earthy and natural, you can add CBG oil to foods such as recipes for brownies or other edibles of your own. Another way is to add to drinks or beverages like tea, coffee or even a glass of juice. Follow our instagram account to see more from Dr. Hemp Me!

Here at Dr. Hemp Me we take pride in our customer service and timely responses to questions or queries from our customers. On this website you will find interactive video with common questions and answers detailed. You will also find our instant chat service which you can message directly Monday to Sunday, from 9am to 9pm daily. 

Please note however we cannot provide any medical or health advice to visitors on this site. We are not doctors or health professionals and CBG is sold as a food or diet supplement only in Ireland. This means no health effects can be claimed in regards to the use of this product.

We can help guide you in the right direction in terms of product choice if you are not sure where to start. Drop us a message and we will get back to you right away. 

No we operate only online via our easy to use e-commerce website. Our new and improved site makes your order process quick and efficient. Checkout using a credit or debit card or pay for your order using the Direct Bank Transfer option. 

Our shop offers many items to our customers besides CBG oil. Other products include edibles like Gummies and Capsules, topicals like  CBD Creams or lotions and oils. Please note we do not sell any form of vape cartridge pen. 

On our site you can find information on our policies including returns or privacy policy terms and conditions. 

As always if you have any questions simply message our instant chat feature and we can certainly help you out!

You can find hundreds of customer ratings on our Google Business Account and via Trustpilot. A customer review can guide you in the right direction in terms of choosing one of our products to use.

You will also find a featured review on each product page on this website – right above the product description. We are the most reviewed CBD company in Ireland so what are you waiting for?

There are just 2 ingredients in our Cannabigerol tincture which include full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil as the carrier. Please note this product is sold as a food supplement only and not to replace a balanced diet or act as a substitute for medications. 

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