Ever wonder if you could find relief with CBD? You’re certainly not the only person to ask that question. Dublin is brimming with men and women turning to CBD Oil and other CBD products for a holistic, natural method of relief.

Relief from what you might ask. Well, there are many, many reasons people choose to supplement their diet with CBD. This article takes a closer look at the main reasons Dubliners are opting for hemp food supplements. Let us talk you through methods of use, the relief stories, and testimonials and finally where to begin.

Dublin is just one city in Ireland experiencing the continued surge in interest in natural supplements and products. Plant derived supplements, balms and edibles continue to be a topic of discussion and when it comes to testimonials the potential is evident for CBD. Hemp is farmed in Ireland and across the European Union with many benefits coming from the produce of this crop. So, what benefits are the people of Dublin when it comes to CBD?


We at Dr. Hemp serve the people of Dublin and all those across Ireland who are looking for high-quality, tested, raw formula CBD Oil. We offer ongoing support to our customers which they appreciate as opposed to purchasing CBD from a general health store in which the staff are not knowledgeable of CBD products.

There are a wide range of reasons why women and men choose to try Cannabidiol, some of which we will discuss below. Testimonials and anecdotal evidence is one way in which the potential relief from CBD use can be made known.

We encourage our customers to give us feedback and to review our products so that others who are considering CBD have testimonials to read through beforehand.

Here are some ways in which CBD offers relief to Dubliners today:


Myriam says “Dr Hemp Me CBD products have helped me enjoy life as itended without the constant chronic pain that had a negative effect on me mentally and physically.

She continuesPain changes how we react towards others and since starting Dr Hemp Me balm and CBD oil, i feel so much lighter. It did take me a few weeks of deliberating, but i found the Dr Hemp Me team supportive and my regular doctors are also encouraging.

Luciane has this to say about CBD oil “I am testing new options to manage my chronic pain, and this oil is a blessing. I take it 3 to 4 times a day, and it helps to manage stiffness, pain and anxiety. I strongly recommend it for those who live with the same body and mind problems as me.

She also uses CBD Balm, “The balm really helps with stiffness and my many trigger points, helps to relax during my working time and before gym. Love it.


Paul comments on his product choice “I’ve suffered with extreme anxiety for years now and doctors have put me on a lot of different medicines that did not help me or made me feel worse. So I decided to try cbd the people at dr hemp were super helpful and really polite. I decided to give cbd 10% and cbg 500ml.

He then gives his feedback on how he feels after using the products, “The combination of both have helped me alot and I’m so happy so far. I will definitely be a long time customer. Love the company love the products.

Another customer Patrick says Very good service. The cbd oil is of a high standard compare to what i have used before. It helps me relax quite a bit, with no side effects.


Sofia talks about the difference between her experience with Dr. Hemp Me and another CBD brand, I tried a different brand before but it did nothing for mI tried a different brand before but it did nothing for me. I then decided to try Dr. Hemp Me and for the last 3 weeks it has been really positive.

She continues by talking about the relief she’s felt since starting, “My anxiety is better, but the big difference is in my sleep. I get now 5 hours straight of sleep….highly recommend Dr. Hemp Me.”

Sorcha agrees Their full spectrum CBD oil has done wonders for my insomnia and anxiety. I can’t recommend it enough.”


There are many ways in which Dublin locals are including CBD in their food diets. From oils to edibles like gummies to topical balms, there’s something for everyone. The most popular form of CBD is the most natural option, this is CBD Oil.

Our CBD oils are raw formulas which means we don’t add anything unnecessary to the product. It simply contains hemp extract and hemp seed oil as the carrier oil to house the extracted CBD content.

Gummies allow for a bypass of the earthy, natural flavour of hemp oil which some people find too bitter to taste. CBD Balm can be used alone or combined with the use of an oral supplement, oil or edibles, to get a higher dose of CBD daily and target relief in two ways.

Not sure where to begin? Contact our customer service team or read through our testimonials to get an idea of what might suit you best.



Not sure where to begin with CBD? Take our product quiz to find the exact fit for you and your wellbeing. Click here to take the quiz and receive a reward to your inbox along with your results.

Here are some tips to help you find the highest quality CBD product:

  1. Check for laboratory test results: we test our CBD oils three ways to ensure they are of the highest standard before they reach our online platform for sale.
  2. Do your research: research a brand in detail before committing. Ask friends, check verified review platforms and search for testimonials from customers.
  3. Ask questions: don’t be afraid to ask questions, there’s no such thing as a stupid one we promise!

There are a range of potencies available as well as different product forms. The % potency for example, 10%, 20% or 30% oil refers to the amount of CBD in the product in relation the amount of carrier oil. Our oils come in 10ml tinctures and so for example a 30% CBD Oil from Dr. Hemp Me contains 3000mg of CBD in a 10ml tincture which equals 30% potency overall.


CBD is not intended to be used as a cure or sole treatment of any serious health condition. It is sold as a food supplement only. Please seek advice from a pharmacist or doctor before adding CBD oil to your diet if you are taking long-term or regular medication.


For a comprehensive list of research studies and clinical studies completed using CBD and hemp please visit Cannarchives here.  

To ensure accuracy, our articles have been thoroughly researched by a team of authors, editors, legal counsel, and medical professionals. The only references used are reliable ones.

The content is routinely assessed against recent scholarly research and professional recommendations to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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