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CBD Oil is available in a wide range of potencies and size options. At Dr. Hemp Me we specialise in high-potency or high-strength CBD Oil with 30% bring our most potent product.

We offer all CBD Oils in 10ml tinctures (bottle with dropper attached) to maintain the high-potency of our oils. Compared to other brands, only a few drops of our oils are needed daily. This limits the amount of oil you need to consume daily to get a strong dose of CBD.


For example, let’s take our 30% CBD Oil. This raw, full-spectrum formula has just two natural ingredients – no unnecessary additives. The main ingredient is the CBD content or hemp extract. In the case of 30% CBD Oil by Dr. Hemp Me there is 3000mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle which equates to a 30% concentration.

Every drop of this formula contains 15mg of full-spectrum CBD meaning to get a daily dose of 30mg you need only take 2 drops. If you want a 45mg dose, take 3 drops in one dose. It’s that simple.


All CBD Oils from Dr. Hemp Me are created with hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. What is a carrier oil? For those who don’t know hemp extract is the CBD content taken from the hemp plant. It must be housed in a carrier oil in order to create a CBD Oil.

We choose to house our hemp extract (CBD) in a hemp seed oil carrier and stay true to the roots of the extract. Hemp seed oil on its own is full of omegas and healthy for the body. Don’t get confused and think we are selling only hemp seed oil. That is not the case. It is simply our carrier oil choice.

Hemp seed oil if purchased on its own contains no CBD naturally as CBD is not derived from the seeds of hemp but from the rest of the plant. It is the leaves, stalk and stem from which we extract our CBD content to create these potent oils.

Be sure to check out the laboratory test reports available here on our website for cannabinoid content and more. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to supplementing with CBD.


Our 30% tincture comes in a bundle for all who choose to purchase it. Along with our most potent 30% CBD Oil you will receive a free jar of our CBD Tiger Balm to use in conjunction with the oral supplement.

This is a very potent, high-quality CBD Oil which works by interacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. The oil is to be dropped under the tongue daily. We combine these two products for good reason. The balm can be applied topically twice per day or as often as you wish. This process means you are tackling the problem from two angles, both internally & externally. 

CBD Oil is best taken every morning to start the day. CBD Tiger Balm can be used at the same time or when suits you best. The balm formula is easy to use, and spreads well on the skin. The result? You don’t need to use much on each application.


CBD is referred to as ‘biphasic’. Biphasic refers to the effects this supplement has in different potencies. For instance, mild doses of CBD are more suitable for some reasons such as stress relief or balancing the sleep cycle. Higher doses are needed for reasons such inflammation and chronic pain. The main reason people choose to supplement with 30% CBD Oil is for recovery purposes.

Another reason women and men in Ireland choose a potent CBD oil is to combat the natural, bitter taste that comes from hemp oil. For some people the natural taste of hemp can be too much. For this reason they prefer to use a higher potency oil as it does not require many drops per daily dose.

The more CBD per drop of oil, the less drops you need to use. That combined with a topical balm means your taste buds are hardly affected!

Note: CBD at high concentrations will solidify and crystallise in cold weather conditions. It is normal and actually proves the true quality of the oil if crystallisation occurs. Only high-potency oil will crystallise and give the appearance of glass shards when sitting in cold conditions.

If this happens all you have to do is place the bottle of CBD oil in some hot water (not boiling). After a minimum of 10 minutes in the water, the crystals will begin to return to their original oil form. This does not have a negative effect on the oil. You can use as normal.


The best method of taking CBD Oil is ‘sublingually’. What does sublingual mean? This is when CBD oil is dropped underneath the tongue and absorbed through the mucous membranes of the gums. This method is proven to be fast and the most bio-available way to take Cannabidiol.

As the drops are absorbed under the tongue through the gums, none of the CBD content is lost to digestion. Unless of course the oil is swallowed immediately after dosage. The key? They key to dosing CBD Oil is to drop the dose under the tongue and wait. Wait for 90 seconds minimum, preferably longer to allow all hemp cannabinoids in the oil to be absorbed fully by the gums. Here they enter the body quickly and work most efficiently.

For beginners, counting out your daily dose of drops is easily done in front of a mirror while you hold your mouth open. Or simply drop the dose onto a spoon and then tip the liquid under the tongue!



CBD oils can be used in other, innovative ways on a daily basis. Besides placing the drops under your tongue, oil can be added to drinks like smoothies or coffee. Oil drops can also be added to foods like baked goods or soups even. There are lots of ways to use CBD Oil and edible forms are common.

Bear in mind that eating or drinking your CBD does mean the compounds need to pass through the digestive system before being absorbed by the body. Some CBD content will naturally be lost to digestive processes, but this doesn’t mean you won’t get good results.

Many customers use CBD in this way and feel the benefits all the same. If you’re not pushed on adding CBD oil to your own food or beverage creations, then why not try our CBD Gummies? The hard work is done for you.


CBD Oil is not sold for the purpose of curing, treating or healing any medical condition or disease. It is sold as a natural food supplement only. Please consult your trusted healthcare professional before adding CBD to your diet if you are taking regular, long-term medication.


The rise of plant-based supplements continues into 2024. Many are believing the hype and trying CBD Oil as an alternative to their traditional forms of stress-relief, pain-relief and much more. The journey of hemp continues as does our mission to educate and remain as transparent as possible to Irish customers.

To ensure accuracy, our articles have been thoroughly researched by a team of authors, editors, legal counsel, and medical professionals. The only references used are reliable ones.

The content is routinely assessed against recent scholarly research and professional recommendations to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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