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A Guide To Cannabidiol In Meath

A Guide To Cannabidiol In Meath

CBD or Cannabidiol has risen to popularity as a wellness product in Ireland. Consumers are increasingly looking for cannabis products, including CBD oil, to improve wellbeing. In Meath, Ireland, CBD oil comes from hemp instead of marijuana—this ensures that CBD products are not contaminated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). What’s more, hemp is beneficial for oil and fibre production, making it commercially viable, sustainable, and safe for use. 

There is now a wide variety of Irish brands on the CBD market who offer quick delivery on every order and quality ingredients in their products. Some br Dr Hemp Me, feature only online on their CBD retail website and offer a range of quality CBD oils. Whatever your reason for choosing to add CBD food supplements to your diet, you’re best to become an informed CBD user and in this article we will help you do just that.

What Is The Status of Cannabidiol In Meath?

CBD is already available across Ireland. Cannabidiol is legal in Ireland, according to the Misuse of Drugs Act. However, CBD oil is only legal if it comes from industrial hemp with THC content below 0.2% and also sold as a food supplement.

THC is the psychoactive component found in marijuana that gets you high. It’s worth noting that 0.2% is not sufficient to get you high. If you buy CBD oil in Meath, you won’t get high. 

While hemp is legal and grown in Ireland and the EU, growers have to be licensed. The Department of Health and Facilitation approves growers through the Health Products Regulatory Authority. What’s more, regulatory bodies ensure that seller growers do not make medicinal claims about CBD. 

While CBD is considered a food supplement, it does not have any proven medical benefits. Therefore, when you purchase CBD oil in Meath, be wary of a company that makes unproven claims. There are many anecdotal claims from users and customers of CBD that revolve around health benefits and relief from anxiety however not enough research results can confirm such claims as fact.  

Sellers are also restricted to selling CBD oil extracted through cold pressing. CBD oil and CBD products extracted through solvents and CO2 extraction require prior authorisation in Ireland and the EU—this is because some techniques leave substances that are harmful to a consumer’s health. As such, it’s always important to check the extraction process used when purchasing CBD oil in Meath. 

CBD oil has many names, including hemp oil, hemp seed oil, CBD hemp oil, or Cannabidiol oil. These oils are derived from hemp, which is a cannabis plant with low THC levels. 

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What CBD Do We Have In Stock?

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of CBD hemp oil in Meath, you can shop at Dr. Hemp Me. We have many Cannabidiol products, including CBD oil. Our CBD supplements come from hemp grown in Ireland, the UK, and across the EU. 

All our CBD products have less than 0.2% THC content. Therefore, when you consume CBD oil, you enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol and other compounds found in the cannabis plant without getting high. 

We package out CBD oil in light-blocking bottles to protect the content from destruction by light. Take a look at our broad selection to discover what CBD product works for you. 

CBD Oil Ingredients

Full-spectrum CBD oil has a combination of cannabis compounds, which yields a synergistic effect. This effect is caused by consuming various full-spectrum compounds together. However, the oil has less than 0.2% THC content which means while THC or tetrahydrocannabinol plays a supportive role among other cannabinoids it cannot produce toxic effects.

All of our full-spectrum CBD oils include: 

  • CBD Oil 10%, 1,000mg CBD Oil 200 drops (All Rounder)
  • CBD Oil 20%, 2,000mg CBD Oil 200 drops (Superdose)
  • CBD Oil 30%, 3,000mg CBD Oil 200 drops (Highest Potency)

Broad-Spectrum CBD Ingredients

When you utilise broad-spectrum CBD oil, you utilise the full benefits of hemp oil without THC. Broad-spectrum CBD eliminates all THC content. With this CBD product, you can rest easy knowing that there is zero THC contamination. Our broad-spectrum CBD oils include:

  • CBD Oil 5%, 500mg 200 drops (THC Free)
  • CBD Oil 10%, 1,000mg 200 drops (THC Free)

Hemp For Pets

Many people in Meath ask if CBD is good for pets. The answer is yes! CBD is a safe supplement for pets. Animals can metabolise and enjoy CBD benefits like human beings. 

We have CBD for pets in Meath in varying strengths. Our dosages are as follows:

  • Below 20 pounds—two to four drops
  • 20 to 50 pounds—four to eight drops
  • Above 51 pounds—10 drops

We recommend giving your pet CBD oil daily for four to six weeks to watch the results. 

CBD Edibles

Are you looking for a tasty way to consume CBD? CBD Gummies are an excellent way to enjoy CBD benefits without putting CBD oil under your tongue but still using your mouth. We stock CBD Gummies in two flavours—strawberry and fizzy. These CBD Gummies are tasty, sweet and fun to consume daily. 

The Gummies have 25mg of CBD, and you can choose between 500mg and 750mg. These CBD products are also safe for adult and child consumption. 

Explore Our CBD Products

Dr. Hemp Me also stocks a CBD cream. This CBD product contains 250mg of CBD in 200 ml. This product does not contain any contaminants or toxins, making it suitable for healthy skin. 

If you also prefer to take CBD as tablets, we have CBD capsules in 25mg CBD dosage in each capsule. CBD tablets have a lower odour and taste and are easy to consume. 

Are Our CBD Products Lab Tested?

All the CBD oils and CBD products on our site have undergone rigorous testing. JHG Analysis, an industry leader in cannabis and hemp testing in Ireland and Europe, tests our products. You can also read individual lab reports at our Lab Testing page or contact us directly to ask questions.

To ensure accuracy, our articles have been thoroughly researched by a team of authors, editors, legal counsel, and medical professionals. The only references used are reliable ones.

The content is routinely assessed against recent scholarly research and professional recommendations to ensure the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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