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CBD Lab Tests

Testing CBD oil is a rigorous process that helps Dr. Hemp Me market only the highest quality and safest CBD products. CBD oil has no quality control regulations to guide the production and sale of it. That is why we aim to lead the way in the CBD industry for transparency and trustworthiness through extensive testing.

To create a product that our customers can have confidence in, we choose to test every drop in your bottle (or product), not just one but three ways. Testing is carried out for cannabinoid content, metals, chemicals, and pesticides.

All testing is done by JHG Analysis, an industry leader in cannabinoid and hemp extract testing. Our tests ensure complete transparency, and we release new reports for every batch of products that enter our warehouse.

Each lab test report outlines what cannabinoids are present in our CBD oil. This outline includes results for CBDV, CBG,CBN,CBC,CBDa, & CBC content.

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What Are We Testing For?

Testing CBD oil involves taking numerous samples from large batches of oil. Each sample is then put through a multitude of tests to grade how pure and potent it is. There are a number of things we are looking for with each test:


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that act directly and indirectly in a person’s body. This chemical is responsible for the therapeutic benefits associated with CBD oil.


Cannabidiol is a compound with a broad range of uses. It is the most prominent cannabinoid in CBD oil. This chemical interacts with your endocannabinoid system. Contrary to some beliefs, cannabidiol will not get you high. It actually can bring you down from a high by counteracting the effects of THC.

Cannabidiolic Acid

This is another chemical found in our CBD oil. On the label, it is called CBDa. In testing, cannabidiolic acid is obtained from CBD after a process called decarboxylation is completed.


Cannabidivarin is a chemical homolog of CBD. It is known to improve the anticonvulsant effect of CBD.


This chemical is rarely found in a cannabis plant and is a non-psychoactive chemical. Cannabichromene levels are usually low, with levels typically being less than 1%.

CBD lab tests not only test for levels of cannabinoids, but they ensure the final product is free of any pesticides and high levels of heavy metals.

You will only get the full benefit if all the cannabinoids mentioned above are present in the oil.

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