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Buy CBD Oil Supplements in Cork

Buy CBD Oil Supplements in Cork

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil ingredients come from cannabis, a chemical in both the marijuana plant and the hemp plant. CBD oil in Ireland comes from hemp instead of marijuana, in part because of restrictions on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) but also because hemp research has shown it to be a sustainable resource for fibre and oils in our diet. 

CBD oil has gained a positive reputation and customers worldwide because it’s part of the wellness industry. Like everything else in the wellness industry, people see CBD oil as a supplement(such as vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption) that can help them with any number of things.  

What CBD Supplements Do We Have in Stock?

#1 Full-Spectrum CBD Oil SHOP 30% full spectrum cbd oil
#2 CBD for Pets SHOP cbd oil for pets 500mg
#3 CBD Gummies SHOP cbd gummies food supplement
#4 CBG Oil SHOP cbg oil tincture 1000mg
#5 CBD Capsules SHOP soft gel cbd capsules for people

With all of that in mind, Dr. Hemp Me sells many different CBD products in Cork, Dublin and elsewhere. Our wide selection of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from Cannabis Sativa L, grown in organic hemp farms in Poland for the highest quality source.

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Per the law, you can find THC in our products, but it’s less than 0.2%. However, you can get various benefits from not just the Cannabidiol but also five other compounds found in Cannabis Sativa L. 

We also use light-blocking bottles since light can destroy the compounds in our CBD oil products. Take a look at what we offer to see what might be right for you.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

We sell full-spectrum CBD oil, which is a combination of several different plant extracts, including other cannabinoids. Our full-spectrum CBD oil products include:

  • CBD Oil 10%, 1,000 mg CBD Oil 200 drops (Starter)
  • CBD Oil 20%, 2,000 mg CBD Oil 200 drops (Superdose)
  • CBD Oil 40%, 4,000 mg CBD Oil 200 drops

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Our broad-spectrum CBD oil contains most of the same compounds as our full-spectrum CBD oil but is completely THC-free. Our broad-spectrum products include:

broad spectrum CBD oil 1000mg option


  • CBD Oil 5%, 500 mg 200 drops (THC Free)
  • CBD Oil 10%, 1,000 mg 200 drops (THC Free)

CBD Oil for Pets

Many people wonder if CBD oil is good for pets. The answer is yes! Animals have the same abilities to metabolise Cannabidiol and other hemp extracts as humans. 

We sell CBD oil for pets at an affordable price in 2.5% and 5% strengths. Dosing is as follows:

  • Below 20 pounds – two to four drops
  • 20 to 50 pounds – four to eight drops
  • Above 51 pounds – 10 drops

For maximum benefit and effect, try to give your pets the oil daily for four to six weeks.

CBD Gummies

Would you rather eat something than put oil under your tongue for five minutes? We have Gummies with CBD oil, too, and you get two choices of flavours: Strawberry and fizzy. They’re fun and fruity, easy to eat, have rapid absorption and are excellent for children and adults alike. 


Each gummy has 25 mg of CBD oil, but you can also choose 500 and 750 mg options.

Other CBD Products

The strongest product on the market sold by the company is a paste that comes in 40%, 70%, and 80% and allows you to find the exact dosage that gives you the effects you’re looking for. 

If you prefer taking your CBD oil like any other supplement, we offer capsules, too, with 10 mg of CBD oil per capsule. They have less of the natural hemp taste and odour, so if you don’t like those, these capsules could serve you well in that capacity, too. 

Have These Products Been Lab-Tested?

Yes. All products on our site have undergone large amounts of testing.  We consider lab tests a crucial way for customers to trust our business. JHG Analysis, one of the industry leaders in cannabis plant testing in Ireland and Europe, puts all of our products through extensive levels of testing before and after the extraction process. 

Those tests measure potency and purity to ensure the safety and quality of all of our products. To see individual lab reports, check out our Lab Testing page. If anyone has more questions, they can contact our instant chat.

Legal Status of Cannabidiol in Cork?

The Irish government recognised hemp as a sustainable source of both fibre and oils about 25 years ago. However, hemp products can only contain 0.2 per cent of THC or less. Thus, any CBD oil you buy in Cork won’t have enough THC to risk getting you high

Growers need licences from the Department of Health and facilitation through the Health Products Regulatory Authority. Growers and sellers (even if they’re experts) cannot make health or medicinal claims in their marketing campaigns for CBD oil, though they are considered food supplements for the body. 

Manufacturers must use specific processes to extract the oils from the hemp plant to sell in Ireland without certain government permissions. More recently, the Irish government recognised hemp-derived CBD oil as a non-cannabis product, making it fully legal and easier to sell. 

In short, yes, CBD oil is legal in Cork, but under heavy restrictions and guidelines.


*This product is considered a food supplement for men and women, just like any other vitamin (such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and other multivitamins) that give nutrients to the body. Many studies have been carried out to find evidence of the risk the product has on a person. Of course, this and other vitamins are not intended to replace the varied diet, foods, or needs a person should have.

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