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CBD Paste 40%

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If you need something stronger than the regular CBD oils, take it up a notch with the strongest CBD product on the market. Try our potent CBD paste, starting with the 40% option. We stand by the fact that all the ingredients in our hemp products come only from the most trusted sources, allowing us to provide you with the best CBD paste experience.

How to Use CBD Paste

Our CBD paste comes with a syringe that allows you to take the paste orally. The best method is to dispense a small amount under your tongue, then let it dissolve.

For beginners, it is best to start slow. By taking your time, you will have a better idea of how the CBD paste affects you.

Fortunately, we have labelled our syringes carefully to show you the amount of paste you are dispensing in precise increments. That way, you know exactly how much you are taking.

As you continue to use your CBD paste, you’ll gain a better understanding of its effects. Before long, you’ll know exactly how much to take next time you need to relax or relieve pain.

Of course, we make sure to test all of our products in our own labs. That means you can rest assured that you are getting the safest CBD experience. 


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5 reviews for CBD Paste 40%

  1. Kenneth

    Very good

  2. trevor rogan

    Potency level is just what I want, thumbs up from me.

  3. Emma Jane Henderson

    Great product, quick delivery.

  4. Hugh

    Very fast shipping. Used to use the 40% oil but trying this since that’s gone now. Have no doubt it will be as good quality.

  5. Marjorie

    Find the drops easier to use personally but same great effects

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