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Pet CBD Oil 2.5%

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Full Spectrum hemp extract mixed with salmon oil in a CBD Oil for Pets formula.


  • Salmon Oil Flavour
  • Tested & Traceable
  • Consultation Call Service – Free
  • Continuous Expert Support
  • Money Back Guarantee – 60 Day

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Laboratory Test

Want to add CBD cannabinoids to your pet’s diet? Dr. Hemp Me is here to help! Our starting dose for pets is this 2.5% CBD Oil.

With 250mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, our lowest strength pet product is ideal for smaller animals under 20kg in weight. We blend CBD cannabinoids with flavoursome salmon oil so that your pet enjoys taking their supplement every day.

Simply add 6 drops of our CBD Oil for Pets to your dog or cat’s food bowl and mix it in. One quick dose per day is all they you need to enrich their diet with CBD cannabinoids.

If you are looking for a stronger CBD oil for your pet please see our 5% Pet Oil.

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We understand that at first, CBD may seem confusing. To address any concerns you may have about giving your pet CBD, we provide a free 15-minute consultation.

To get in touch with Shannon and arrange a free call, click the link right here.


We’ll check in with you via email three weeks after your initial order to see how things are going for your pet.

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., we’re available on IM to address any queries or concerns you might have (bottom right of screen). The hours for our instant messaging service on weekends is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


There is no risk in purchasing our pet oil. Why? Because our only requirement is that you try out our Pet CBD Oil for three full weeks.

If you are not satisfied after these three weeks, we will refund your entire purchase. No questions asked! Read more info on our Return Policy.

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We understand that pet owners often need CBD products quickly. We ship orders Monday to Saturday across Ireland to make sure you get your package the day after placing your order.


Allergen Information Gluten Free
ProductCBD Oil
Strength250mg of CBD
Volume 10 mils
Ingredients Hemp Oil Extract, Salmon Oil
Lab TestYes


Give 6 drops daily. Owners can increase this initial dose by 1 drop weekly until you reach the desired effects.

We recommend adding drops to your pet’s main meal. Mix the drops into the wet or dry food before serving. Another option is to drop the dose onto a dog biscuit or favourite treat.

If your pet is a little fussy or sensitive to new tastes, the oil can also be applied to the pad of a paw and massage in.

Pet Dosage – Guidance

  • Below 20kg: 2.5% Pet Oil – 6 drops per dose
  • Between 20 – 50kg: 5% Pet Oil – 4 drops per dose
  • Above 51kg: 10% Pet Oil – 3 drops per dose

Drops should be continuously administered for 4 to 6 weeks for best results.


Disclaimer – CBD is sold as a food supplement and so we cannot make any medical claims regarding its efficacy.

Please note we cannot offer medical advice to customers.


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Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD is certainly a safe supplement to add your dog or cat’s diet. It is non-toxic and contains just two natural ingredients – hemp extract and salmon oil. Our pet formula contains just trace amounts of THC which is in line with regulations and allows your pet to obtain the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp.

Should I give my dog CBD Oil every day?

Yes, we recommend giving your pet their CBD supplement daily to allow a supply of cannabinoids to build up in their system. The first 3 weeks it is important to supplement daily, after this time you can switch to every other day if this works as well for your pet.

What’s the difference between CBD oil for people and CBD oil for pets?

There are two differences between CBD for people and CBD for dogs, cats, or other animals. CBD for humans is made using hemp seed or MCT oil to carry the CBD content, while in contrast CBD for pets is made using salmon oil. This helps to mask the flavour of hemp for animals. The other difference is CBD concentration. Generally, CBD for animals is lower strength compared to those sold for humans. Better to seek out a specific pet product for your animal when choosing to use CBD.

Do you have a physical store I can buy from?

No, we are exclusively an e-commerce store! All orders must be placed via our website. We make sure that our checkout process is easy and quick for customers to use.

How do I know which product to choose for my pet?

Dogs or cats under 20kg are most suited to this 2.5% CBD product strength. If your pet is heavier or you wish to give them a higher dose of CBD, then try our 5% CBD for Pets. If you’re confused, and not sure where to begin just pop us a message via our instant chat!

How long does it take for Pet CBD oil to kick in?

It can take around 30 to 40 minutes to kick in. To start seeing the benefits we do advise the oil to be given to your pet every day for at least the first 3 weeks.

How long do the effects of CBD oil last in a dog?

It has been shown the effects of CBD can last up to 4 hours depending on the dose and weight of your pet.


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