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a guide to hemp in Ireland

A Guide to Hemp in Ireland

Sales of CBD food supplements have been steadily on the rise in Ireland. Although cultivating and selling cannabis is not permitted in Ireland, the sale

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what is cbg oil

What is CBG Oil?

CBG, more formally known as Cannabigerol, is the latest cannabinoid to storm the cannabis supplement market. The question is what makes this cannabinoid so attractive

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how do I use cbd oil

How Can I Use CBD Oil?

If you have heard raving reviews and experiences about Cannabidiol or CBD Oil, then chances are that you are already waiting for the perfect opportunity

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how to test cbd strength

How to Test CBD Strength

The legalization of events of cannabis for medical use in different states continues to revamp the popularity of this specific product. Not only has it become easy to manufacture and cultivate marijuana, but also in purchasing its derived products. As a result, an influx of these products is what many are witnessing in the market.

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