CBD Oil 20% - Cannabidiol 2000mg

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Ideal for people who require a potent CBD oil dose, our Superdose CBD is the full package: 20% CBD oil extracts and the full spectrum of cannabinoids. It offers all the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil. It also easily induces the Entourage Effect. Here is a comprehensive overview of Superdose CBD oil, the most potent CBD oil extract in the market. 

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A Full Spectrum of Cannabinoid Extracts 

CBD oil is just one of the elements in the hemp plant. By utilizing the whole plant, we extract the full spectrum of cannabinoid extracts. We employ the Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction (SCFE) technique for exhaustive harvesting. This extraction method is superior for several reasons: 


The SCFE technique processes every part of the hemp plant, effectively extracting all of its cannabinoid content. The additional cannabinoid elements are CBDV, CBDa, CBG, CBN, and CBC. It is also worth noting the additional THC extract, which makes up 0.20% of the extract – just enough for inducing the Entourage Effect. 

The full range of cannabinoid content gives the Superdose CBD oil extract its high concentration and unmatched potency. The fast-absorbing effect also makes for quick satisfaction. 


The SCFE extraction technique is also highly hygienic, which guarantees a high level of purity. We also subject our extracts to extra filtration to get rid of overlooked impurities. Finally, our extracts undergo strict lab tests to ensure perfection. 

The Perfect Blend for the Entourage Effect 

The Entourage Effect refers to the optimal benefits of CBD oil. This entails quick absorption and high efficiency. It is a rare effect, as it requires blending the full spectrum of cannabinoid elements in the right amounts. This is exactly what Superdose CBD oil offers, as highlighted earlier. It also includes 0.20% of THC extract, which is necessary for achieving the Entourage Effect. 

The Entourage Effect ensures satisfaction for users with a high tolerance for CBD. The high potency and fast absorption rate also ensure the full range of hemp’s therapeutic benefits. 

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 10 cm

CBD Info

Each 10mil = approx. 200 drops

CBD Strength: 2000mg (20%) = 10mg CBD in every drop


100% natural terpenoids

Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp seed oil (providing Omega 6 and Omega 3)

CannabinoidsAmount %
CBD (Cannabidiol)20.1%
CBC (Cannabichromene)0.38%
CBG (Cannabigerol)0.026%
CBN (Cannabinol)0.09%
CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid)0.07%

Over 100 cannabinoids can be found in trace amounts

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Dosage Guidelines   

Our Superdose CBD oil extract is easy and safe to take, as outlined below:

  • Fill your dropper a third-full with the CBD oil extract. 
  • Empty the CBD oil extract under your tongue. 
  • Hold your tongue for 90 seconds as the CBD oil absorbs. 
  • Swallow and rinse. 

It is important to adhere to the recommended dosage unless otherwise directed by a medical professional. It is also recommended to take your CBD oil extract first thing in the morning. The CBD oil should start kicking in almost immediately, but the response time may vary depending on your tolerance rate. 

Tested & Certified 

Dr. Hemp Me is ranked among the best CBD oil producers in Ireland and the EU. Our products are prepared using the highest extraction standards for unmatched potency, absorption rates, and purity. They also undergo testing and certification by third-party regulators, and we provide lab test reports upon request. 

Order today to get your Superdose CBD oil! We serve the whole of Europe and guarantee timely deliveries. 

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12 reviews for CBD Oil 20% - Cannabidiol 2000mg

  1. Karen Henshaw

    Bought the 2000mg by accident, thought it would be too much for me but I have stuck with it. Works really well and use less each time.

  2. Michael

    Amazing. Decided to go with the higher option to start off with. Wasn't disappointed. Cheers.

  3. Maurice Flynn

    Great cbd oil

  4. Tiernan

    Very good

  5. Linda

    I like this oil a lot but is a little expensive

  6. Edward Kelly

    Really works for me

  7. Alan Cummins

    Will get this again

  8. Svetlana

    Top quality oil thanks

  9. Imelda

    My son has used this regularly the past year & is bringing it off to college too thank you!

  10. Jeremy

    I buy this in bulk when its on offer and with this brand deals are offered plenty

  11. Terence

    Bought this to try since the one from the health shop wasn't great. Been recommended Dr Hemp Me so hopefully this is better. Thanks for fast delivery

  12. Elena

    Great service thanks!

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