CBD Capsules (25mg per Capsules)

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CBD Capsules are a great choice if you are unsure about your Cannabidiol intake. With CBD as their active ingredient, these capsules are considered a food supplement due to their composition.

Many prefer to take capsules in order to avoid the pungent taste the oils can have for some customers. Developed to give a controlled and pleasant CBD experience, the evidence shows Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD Capsules are a great choice.


Benefits of using capsule supplements:

  1. Doesn’t have the strong hemp taste common to the oil products
  2. A simpler method of consumption(no different than vitamins)
  3. Shares Full-Spectrum health benefits just like the oil products
  4. Easily digestible
  5. No measuring required to take

Consumer health and avoiding risk is a top priority for all of Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD products, including our capsule supplements. Due care and appropriate measures are taken to ensure these capsules are sufficiently potent, risk free and healthy for your diet. To produce the best capsules in Ireland much energy and concern is necessary, but all steps to do so have been taken and more.

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100% Natural Hemp

Prioritising consumer safety, needs and satisfaction, Dr. Hemp Me only settles for the highest levels of quality CBD that is 100% natural and full of beneficial nutrients. Grown in certified organic Irish farms, only the best plants and ingredients have been sourced to produce the hemp oil extract and MCT oil needed. GMO and gluten-free.  No hint of herbicides or insecticides. This is paramount as the CBD industry becomes more regulated.

Strong, fast-acting CBD

Another cannabinoid, CBDa, is present in this supplement product, further cementing our claim as producing the strongest capsules in Ireland. With the addition of sunflower oil, dose absorption into the body is also speeded up. This allows people the same quick effectiveness enjoyed by men and women who prefer to take CBD oil.

Certified Hemp that is lab-tested and highly pure

To ensure maximum purity, a supercritical CO2 extraction method was applied to the hemp content in this formula. Batches are all tested by Eirlab, guaranteeing that each capsule is consistently potent and pure after much research. View the results of a typical lab test here, or if you wish for more or a specific set of results, please contact brian@drhempme.com

7 reviews for CBD Capsules (25mg per Capsules)

  1. Janet Raymond

    Taking one of these every day because I find the taste of CBD oil a bit strong. Find them very good.

  2. Arlene

    Now added to my vitamin pile for everyday, very happy with them.

  3. Mairead N

    my dad likes these a lot and are the only supplement he will take

  4. Frank Nugent

    Switched to cbd oil now but was a good one to start with

  5. Mel

    Handy with no taste

  6. Connell

    Questions answered promptly and delivery very quick.

  7. Karen

    Mum takes these daily, very good.

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