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Regular CBD customer so I had to try the CBG sample, I will now be taking both :) - S. Morrissey

CBG Oil 10% 2mil Samples

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Fully Traceable

Full-spectrum CBG formula with hemp seed oil in a 2ml tincture size.

Allergen Information Gluten Free
ProductCBG Oil
Strength1000mg of CBG
Volume 2 mils
Ingredients Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Seed Oil
Lab TestYes

Our 10% CBG Mini Tincture is made using our Full-Spectrum 1000mg CBG formulation. The 10% CBG Oil in our range is a hit with our customers and now available to try in miniature form!

If you are questioning whether CBG Oil is the product for you or if you are new to this food supplement then give our mini bottle a try. This product gives users 40 drops, at a guided dose of 5 drops per day.

Hold off on spending big until you have tried this 2ml formula. If you are happy with the product at the end of the tincture, you will know to purchase the full-size 10% CBG Oil option!.


Full Spectrum hemp extract with Hemp Seed Oil carrier in a 2ml sample.


Use 5 drops of this sample every day in one dose. Take in the morning or afternoon. Each drop contains 5mg of CBG cannabinoids in a full-spectrum, 2ml CBG tincture.

It is recommended to use CBG Oil supplement drops daily until the sample is finished.




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Which CBG strength is this product?

This is a 2ml serving of our 1000mg (10%) CBG Oil. This strength is suited to customers starting out with CBG or any sort of hemp supplement. It is also potent enough to suit customers who have used CBD Oil before and would like to try CBG!

How will I know what full size bottle to order?

When you finish the 2ml tincture, you will be able to tell if our 10% CBG strength is suited to you. If you found benefits from this product then stick to the 10% tincture, if you think you could do with a more potent dose then choose the next level up – 20%. Another reason to go with a higher strength is down to taste. You can get a highly concentrated dose in less drops once you progress to the 20% CBG oil.

How do I use this tincture?

Drop the recommended number of drops, 5 to begin with, under your tongue and hold here for at least 90 seconds, more if possible. This is where the CBG Oil absorbs into the body, through the gums. Take CBG Oil daily to give the product time to build up in your system. Take in the morning or afternoon but no later than 2 hours before sleep.


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