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CBD Oil for Pets 5% 2mil Sample

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CBD Oil for Pets mixed with Salmon Oil – Sample Size (2ml)

Enjoy our free CBD Oil for Pets sample. This 2ml sample is completely free for new customers to try out and add CBD cannabinoids to their pet’s meals. We’re so proud of our CBD Pet Product that we’re giving out a free 2ml sample to any canine or feline customer.

You won’t even have to pay for shipping because we’re so confident in our oil! Our CBD Oil Sample for Dogs & Cats allows your pet to supplement with CBD for one week with only one dose of four drops needed each day.

This sample was created using our 500mg (5%) pet oil strength and is suitable for both canine and feline companions to try. This sample, which has been blended with salmon oil, will no doubt appeal to your pet’s taste buds!


5% (500mg) Hemp extract mixed with Salmon Oil for flavour.


It is easy to add CBD Oil for Pets to your animal’s diet. Place 4 drops into one main meal, repeat this every day. You can also drop the dose onto a treat they like.

If your pet is particularly fussy or sensitive to taste, rub the oil into the pad underneath their paw. Massage the oil here and it will soak in as CBD is very permeable on the skin.


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What is the best way to decide which Pet Oil level to order?

When your pet has finished their 2ml sample, you’ll be able to tell if the 500mg (5%) strength was effective for them.

If you find it to be beneficial, you can purchase a complete 10ml bottle of our 5% Pet Oil. If your pet is big in size or has a high CBD tolerance, you can opt for our 10% CBD Oil for Pets option.

How will I know if the CBD sample suits my pet?

During sample use you will be able to notice if your pet is responding well to CBD or if they need a higher concentration. Like humans, all animals are different, with varying tolerances to supplements. Monitor your pet while taking the sample daily.

Will there be any negative effects for my pet?

Although current research shows that CBD has no negative side effects, users may feel tiredness in rare circumstances.

Cannabidiol for pets is a non-toxic, all-natural food supplement that your pets can enjoy. However, like with any product, we recommend gradually introducing CBD to your pet and monitoring them throughout.


There are no reviews yet.

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