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CBD Paste 80%

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If you’re looking for the highest-concentrated CBD paste on the market, we’ve got it. With our 80% CBD paste, we’re taking the potency of CBD products to the next level. 

This item is the strongest of all our CBD products. As such, you may experience the strongest and longest-lasting relief from this CBD paste. All of our CBD comes from the most reliable sources and uses all parts of the hemp plant. Our careful production process is what allows us to provide you with the most potent CBD paste available.

How To Use CBD Paste

Taking our CBD paste is a simple process, just like with all of our varying CBD products.

For your convenience, our CBD pastes come with a syringe that is easy to use and allows you to see exactly how much paste you are taking and how much you have left. 

When you use your CBD paste, there is no need to guess how much you are taking. Instead, you will have complete control over your dosage. 

When using our product, start with a small amount. A drop similar to the size of two grains of rice is a great increment to use. After trying with that amount, you can increase your dosage as you see fit. 



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2 reviews for CBD Paste 80%

  1. Jonjo

    Worth the extra cost if you need a good belt. Nothing has worked for me before like this has. Thanks a lot.

  2. Theo

    Expensive but excellent

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