CBD Paste 70%

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Are you looking for a CBD paste with increased strength? If so, you should try our 70% CBD Paste. 

Even though this isn’t the strongest paste we offer, it is stronger than nearly all other competing pastes on the market. This added strength makes our CBD paste one of the most effective there is when it comes to providing prolonged relief. Thanks to the combination of potency and a high level of healthy fats, our 70% CBD paste can boost your overall health and wellbeing. 

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How To Use CBD Paste

Anytime you are increasing your intake of CBD, you should take your time. Considering our products have the highest CBD concentrations around, you can be sure that even a small dose will have an effect.

Since your CBD paste takes the form of a soft gel-like substance, it is easy to ingest. All you need to do is press the syringe so that a small amount of the paste lands below your tongue.

After the paste is under your tongue, it will quickly dissolve and begin to take its effect. In a short time, it may enhance your mind and body. Just a small dose of our high-quality 70%CBD paste will do the trick.

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