CBD Oil 10% - Cannabidiol 1000mg (Starter)

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Are you looking for the best CBD oil 10% product? Dr. Hemp Me offers a natural remedy, known as cannabidiol, that has become so popular over the last few years. CBD oil is a popular supplement for a range of needs. It contains more than 100 cannabinoids, which are found in the hemp plant. 

The process of manufacturing CBD oil involves the extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant. It is then diluted with hemp seed oil or coconut MCT oil. Our hemp plants are grown without toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides in outdoor farms to create a gorgeously crafted organic 10% CBD oil. 

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How Do You Use CBD Oil 10%?

The amount of CBD oil required varies for different individuals. As for the specific time to dose, the best time to use it is after waking up. However, dosage will be different from person to person, and once you discover your sweet spot, you can make the best decision for when to take the CBD oil. Some prefer to place it under the tongue, others in a different way. 

CBD oil is a perishable product. You have to store it in a dark and cool area once you have opened the bottle. If you want to make the CBD oil last for a long time, a preferred way is to keep it in the refrigerator. Hemp oil products can last up to two years when unopened and half a year when opened. 

Remember that you should consult a doctor with any questions about potential side effects or interactions when taking any CBD oil food supplement.

The 'Entourage Effect' and Why is it so Significant?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is powerful. But what makes CBD oil full Spectrum? When making a full-spectrum oil, all naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids are drawn out of the entire hemp plant. All cannabinoids and full spectrum oil work together in synergy to create the entourage effect. Moreover, you won't experience any psychoactive effects.

Several companies lie to customers about the amount of CBD oil in their products. Other times, you will find that some of these products do not have CBD. Our site offers a variety of full Spectrum CBD oils assured to give you optimum effects.

History of the Entourage Effect

The entourage effect was a theory at first in the year 1988. Two scientists proposed that the fatty acids in the marijuana plant increased the cannabinoid activity in the body. They then did numerous research that supported their claims. In 2009, other scientists expanded this theory, where they explained the mechanisms of the entourage effect. Flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds work together to create the effect. This example helps with the many benefits CBD oil and substances derived from hemp have to offer one.

Try CBD Oil 10% Today

When purchasing any CBD oil on the market, it is essential to understand what you are buying. Purchase CBD oil 10% from trusted sources such as Dr. Hemp Me CBD oil to ensure you get the best results. We offer a high-strength CBD oil product so you can have the quality you need without psychoactive effects. If you have any anxiety at all about CBD oil use, or any of our CBD products, there's no need to stress. If you want to reach out to us, you can ask about our CBD Oil 10% via our instant chat.



Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 10 cm
Carrier Oil

Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil

CBD Info


100% natural terpenoids

CBD Hemp Extract, Hemp seed oil (providing Omega 6 and Omega 3)

  • Each 10mil bottle contains approx 200 drops
  • Strength: 1000mg (10%)
  • Each drop contains 5mg of CBD


CannabinoidAmount %
CBD (Cannabidiol)10.4%
CBC (Cannabichromene)0.16%
CBG (Cannabigerol)0.019%
CBN (Cannabinol)0.003%
CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid)0.09%

Over 100 cannabinoids can be found in trace amounts in our extract



CBD Dosage Calculator

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator
1Size of the CBD oil bottle in milliliters
Most bottles are either 15ml or 30ml; 1 ounce=30ml
1 ml
2Total milligrams of CBD are in the bottle *
3Your desired dosage of CBD in milligrams *
4 The number of drops in a milliliter using your dropper
A standard dropper produces 20 drops per milliliter but dropper sizes can differ. Enter another value here for drops/ml if your dropper is different
See below for the number of drops in the bottle, mg of CBD in each drop and number of drops needed for desired dose based on your inputs above
serving size in milliliters (ml) to achieve desired dosage you entered above
Total number of drops in the CBD oil bottle
Milligrams of CBD in each drop
dose in drops to achieve desired dosage you entered above

15 reviews for CBD Oil 10% - Cannabidiol 1000mg (Starter)

  1. Casey

    Have tried a few other cbd oils and this is my favourite by far...perfect strength for me.

  2. Linda

    Great Stuff. Will definitly be buying again. Thank you.

  3. Ina Redmond

    Found it hard to get used to the taste but wouldn't be without it now.

  4. Elenor Hayes

    Bit early to tell as only using this two weeks but got it quick and had all questions answered.

  5. Abigail

    Great all round

  6. Robbie Allen


  7. Dave Branning

    new to all this but found Brian very helpful.

  8. Ed Doyle

    Both service and product are top quality

  9. Remy

    Best I've found. Quality is excellent as is delivery.

  10. Aaron Chamberlain

    Good so far thanks

  11. Alex Lyons

    Taking this strength of cbd oil for more than a year. the best

  12. Harriet

    Really really good for me

  13. Colette

    Recommended to friends and family already

  14. Kailyn

    Been using this exact product for two years now. Still works as well as it did the first time I tried it, thank you.

  15. Katie

    Returning customer. Would not look elsewhere for CBD now.

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